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4k HDR Capable HDMI Splitter (supposedly)

Discussion in 'Hyperion Hardware' started by sl81, 23 January 2017.

  1. Josh

    Josh New Member

    Just as a follow up, I've been in frequent contact with Ezcoo about the lack of Dolby Digital on the Ezcoo splitter, they even had their engineer send me pictures from the lab showing it working on their 55" OLED. They ended up sending me a new one straight from China and sure enough, I just tested it and it does indeed pass Dolby Vision without any problems now (possibly new firmware I guess?). Very impressed with their level of customer support in trying to get this to work.

    Only challenge I still have is that it doesn't strip HDR from the scaled output, so the signal sent to Hyperion on my PI is pink/white and distorted. So while it works fine now w/ my LG OLED when connected, since the scaled output retains HDR its not usable for Hyperion. Not sure if there is a way around that yet, is there?

    Also, on a side note - anyone else see that HD Fury has added HDR to SDR conversion into the HDFury4? Interestingly enough, they are also testing adding LED capabilities directly into the box by integrating an LED driver and using the 3d output. Its $279, but it could end up being a one stop solution - https://www.hdfury.com/product/hdfury-x4/
  2. Teodor

    Teodor New Member

    Has anyone tried this?
  3. Shwao

    Shwao New Member

    Hey, does the ezcoo also convert the hcdp from 2.2 to 1.4 on the 1080p output? Or do u use a hcdp converter after that before going into the RCA converter and then in the USB grabber?
  4. CrocsAndMimosas

    CrocsAndMimosas New Member

    You do not need a HCDP converter according to the tutorials I have seen. 4k signal --> ezcoo--> 1080p to rca --> USB grabber.
  5. Mitch7391

    Mitch7391 New Member

    Which model of ezcoo is required?
  6. BlockABoots

    BlockABoots New Member

    Just join this form so i can post in this thread.

    I too am looking for the ideal splitter, i have recently got a 4K Samsung TV and thus it has rendered my game capture setup redundant, as my AVR doesn't support HDR and i used to use my AVR's 2 HDMI outputs to my xbox (HDMI Output 1) and to my capture card (HDMI Output 2), i also used to have a Digital to Analog converter in between my AVR and capture card, so i need a splitter that does 4K HDR, downscales (4K input1 & 1080p input2) as my capture card only accepts 1080p and also extracts the audio (toslink or 2 phono outputs (stereo).

    The Ezcoo seemed to be the answer but from some of you guys reports that it doesnt remove HDR from the 2nd input and gives a washed out picture and also there doesnt appear to be any sellers based in the UK or Europe and would need to get if from america.

    I did however come across this one from XOLORspace on Amazon.....


    or this one from AV Access....


    they seem to do everything the Ezcoo does bar the audio extraction as it has no toslink output, which is a real shame for my setup :(.

    Did Ezcoo ever say if there were looking into fixing the HDR on output 2 issue??
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