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4k HDR Capable HDMI Splitter (supposedly)

Discussion in 'Hyperion Hardware' started by sl81, 23 January 2017.

  1. yd-76

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    RPi3, +Arduino
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  3. bnealon

    bnealon New Member

    Does anyone have a fully functional solution to this problem yet? I've already got a HDMI 1.4 -> CVBS splitter, which goes into a video grabber, then into my Pi running Hyperion.ng.
    I thought i'd found the ideal solution to this problem, which was a 4K HDR splitter/downscaler combo box from clearvisionsystems over in the UK (https://www.clearvisionsystems.co.uk/hdmi-splitter-with-scaler-18gbps-hdr-4k-1in-2out). The little box proved perfect, ideal infact, and i could connect this onto the output of my Onkyo amplifier, and split the signal into my 4k Samsung TV, and the other side downscaled into my HDMI->CVBS device.

    However, I've sadly had to return this: as there was what appears to be an incompatibility with my Onkyo amplifier which caused corruption to intermittently appear on my TV output (YMMV). clearvisionsystems were superb, and i highly recommend them - they sent a replacement to me initially as we thought it was possibly a faulty box, but the problem persisted :eek:(

    Anyway, like everyone else in here i'm looking for the holy grail: a HDCP 2.2 compliant downscaler/splitter that will allow my UHD 4k HDR TV signal to pass through to my TV, and then downscale this to HDMI 1.4 spec (1080p signal ideally) to be passed through to hyperion.
    The only other issue i noticed with the device from clearvisionsystems, was that the 1080p downscaled signal still contained HDR colour space, so the colours were washed out (again another topic discussed in here).

    Currently im considering a Lightberry HDMI kit 5, but wondered if anyone else had alternatives from elsewhere that solve this problem? Ideally i would like the ability to return if my problem isnt solved, and im not sure whether lightberry would accept returns unlike amazon etc...
  4. hopfinger

    hopfinger New Member

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