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RPi + Other Software external Grabber - right side not lighting up

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by Micha, 23 December 2018.

  1. Micha

    Micha New Member

    Hey alltogether,

    while redoing our living room, we had the idea to install an ambilight. Therefore I bought all the needed devices (WS2801, external grabber, 55" TV, RPI3 with OS Raspbian Stretch Lite, ...). The LEDs are installed clockwise with start at bottom mid-left (stripe 1) to left side (stripe 2) to top (stripe 3) to right side (stripe 4) to bottom mid-right (stripe 5).

    After plugging everything in, I still have one problem left:

    The right side (stripe 4) of the TV does not show any light with the external grabber on. Top, bottom and left side work pretty good and just need some color calibration.
    When testing the setup in Hyperion and sending a specific color, ALL leds light up, even the right side (stripe 4)! So this problem just occurs when I use the external grabber.

    I tried different cables and even changed the slots in the splitter, but still the same problem.

    As I do not want to rebuy all the needed hardware (splitter, grabber, ...), are there any mistakes in the software options which can cause this effect?

    Best regards and thanks for your help
  2. Jortpepe

    Jortpepe New Member

    Could you upload some screenshots made by the grabber?