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Other Hyperion + pi3

Discussion in 'LED Devices Support' started by droopified, 3 June 2019.

  1. droopified

    droopified New Member

    followed the tutorial and havnt had any issues in a couple of years but now i am currently getting a bunch of random color flashing. the lights start (if you are watching the tv) from the bottom left and goes up and around and ends where it starts. it flickers mainly on the right side, so i am thinking about half of the led strip. i am using all the correct hardware listed in the tutorial but i think this is more of a grounding issue? also, i am using just a pi2 with raspbian and using a splitter so it captures the hdmi and uses a grabber so i can use it on any hdmi device. does anyone have suggestions? i do notice that when i move the main box where the cables are all joining, they flicker but i dont see any wires touching that are not supposed to. i also went ahead and connected the ground and power from the end of the strip to the wires at the start of the strip. this was suggested by others so that the power supply sends enough power and grounding both directions. if i disconnect the grounding on the pi, i can actually see the signal go down the strip because light 1 changes, then with something that looks like lag, light 2 changes, and so on with the same amount of time till it reaches the end. so i am not sure if the grounding on the pi to the leds is enough.