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Switch LEDs off when no signal

Discussion in 'Hyperion General' started by AndyJ, 23 December 2018.

  1. AndyJ

    AndyJ New Member


    One broken SD card (putting the Pi back into the case in too much of a hurry!) and a few hours of swearing and I have my Hyperion installation working. I think I still have to do some work to fine tune the colours. If there's sky, for example, the LEDs are more of a lavender colour.

    My main question though. When I switch my Virgin Media box and theres no signal, I get a static effect at the moment - sort of blue on the left and pink on the right. Is there a way I can just make it so all the LEDs go off if there's no signal?

    I've used Hypercon to do my configuring.

  2. neilpryde

    neilpryde New Member

    Hi Andy

    I have the same problem.

    My setup is as follows:
    Cable Receiver (UPC Switzerland, EOS BOX) => HD Fury Integral2 => Marmitek Connect HA13 (HDMI2RCA) => PureLink Grabber => RPI 3+ => LEDs

    As long as the receiver is on, all is working fine. But as soon as i turn of the receiver, i only got a blue picture. Grabbing this with hyperion screenshot shows me, that this is somehow a PAL testpicture. I figured out, that the HA13 converter is sending this out as soon as he didn't receive anymore a signal..

    does someone has the same situation?
    or can someone recommend a converter with another behavior?

    of course, i can poll my tv (are you running on HDMI1?) and then enable/disable hyperion with a scrip.. but.. :D
    I'm searching for a more elegant way for solving this.

    thanks for any hint!

    bes regs