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Triple Monitor Setup

Discussion in 'Hyperion General' started by TopKiller, 20 December 2018.

  1. TopKiller

    TopKiller New Member


    I'm thinking about hyperion solution but my problem is that all the videos I see in the internet they all have 1 monitor and I have a triple monitor setup. So my question is: Will hyperion work with my 3 monitors? If yes, how? Would i need 3 raspberry's, 3 grabbers etc...
    I found windows screen grabber: "https://hyperion-project.org/thread...k-uhd-directx-11-windows-screen-grabber.1018/", and in the configurations of the windows grabbers it have some servers but my question is if the server's ip is my raspberry ip, and where do i configure the hyperion to usse the windows grabber in hypercon configuration tool

    Tanks in advance,
    Last edited: 20 December 2018