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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have a "color" difference between first and last LED!
Make sure to connect the voltage (5V and GND) at the end of your strip again with a (prefered) direct wire between power supply and LED strip. We recommend to use a 1mm² width to prevent voltage drop at 100% brightness and white color.

2. I use an external grabber (HDMI splitter/HDMI2AV converter) and my LEDs do strange things?

Before you report an issue, please check if it is working with the internal grabber
-> Use OSMC/OpenELEC, install Hyperion, start a movie and check if the internal grabbing behaves the same!
Your hardware may be the fault!

3. My LEDs start to light up, even when Hyperion is shutdown?

We are not sure about the exact circumstances but the data wire might collect signals out of the air or through the shutdown pi. It is not possible to prevent that.
Please make sure to cut the power to your LEDs, if you don´t use it!

4. All colors are shifted (more or less)!
Your HyperCon setting "1st LED offset" is not setting up properly, make sure "LED zero" is at the position where you put your data signals into the strip.

5. My colors are not shifted, but "red" seems to be "green" when i set "red" (or other/more combination(s)!)
Your "RGB Byte Order" in HyperCon is not setting up properly, check with a R/G/B color which one(s) is(are) wrong and change your RGB order accordingly -> if you don´t understand what we mean just try out all settings and restart Hyperion after each try.

6. My RGB Byte Order is right but after checking 4 too, my colors are still shifted!
Your "Direction" in HyperCon was not set properly, check that the direction of the TV simulation corresponds with your own construction at your TV. FRONT VIEW!

7. Kodi Check: Settings won´t work/Kodi Connection ERROR
You have to configure your Kodi the right way - make sure the remote settings are enabled!

In Kodi navigate to ->System->Services->Remote control
enable "Allow remote control by programs on this system"
and "Allow remote control by programs on other systems" (you need both, even on the same system)

8. Kodi Check: Is it possible to connect to another Kodi at the same network to get the play state?
Yes, you could use your Kodi on Windows/MAC/Linux and another Pi too. Make sure the remote options are enabled.

9. Kodi Addon: I use the official Kodi addon on an Android box/system but it won´t work or flicker!
Disable the hardware acceleration, it is not possible to implement it!

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