Hardware confusion. Help please.

  • I have learned a lesson that buying items based on a single guide should be priority if your unfamiliar with any of this to begin with. I have an LED PSU with 5v 30a, a RPi 2, and a WS2812B LED strip 5m 60leds. What I have since realized since these things arriving, is that I do not have the 4 contacts on the LEDs, the LEDs I have only have 3. I'm figuring out it seems that I cannot use a RPi 2 the PSU and LEDs only, because of the lack of that extra contact.

    TLDR if the base setup I currently have is a led power supply, a RPi 2 v2, and a strip of WS2812B. Than I need an audrino to add into the mix to get it working? Is this correct?

  • No arduino necessary. It I would recommend a level shifter.

    There are 3 led driver types that support the ws2812 leds.
    Ws2812b - rpi1 only, don't use

    Ws281x - good for any pi and uses a pwm capable pin. Conflicts with analog audio
    May also cause dma conflicts

    Ws2812spi - good for any Pi and uses the SPI MOSI pin but needs a fixed core_freq

  • I already have the WS2812B now so I'm committed. I found this from some research in the forums here. That's all I need? One of those attached to the pi 2?

  • Thanks for replying. Only similar instructions I'm finding are built on breadboards. That normal? Know any posts of hand or a guide that uses it and explains the connecting pattern.

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