my config (RPI3, APA102, home cinema amplifier + HTPC case)

  • hey guys,
    i'm french sorry if my english is wrong.
    first of all thanks for your website, app and tutorials. this is my setup with a plasma panasonic 50".

    *amplifier DENON AVR-X2200W
    *HTPC case + ATX power supply
    *5V 30A relay
    *RPi3 + level shifter
    *grabber USB007
    *hdmi converter
    *194 led APA 102

    hdmi wires, power connectors, solder iron and ...........time

    i'm using a home cinema amplifier which has 2 hdmi outputs so i don't need hdmi splitter and not to worry with 4k hdmi 2.0 problems.
    my ps3 ,tv decoder and Rpi are plugged in and one output goes to TV and second goes to Rpi.

    to integrate all stuff, i've used a HTCP case with an ATX power supply ( modified to have a 5V)
    i integrated 2 buttons fisrt is to power on/off and the second swith on/off led strip. i also linked the external usb ports so i can connect an usb key and my mini keyboard dongle.

    and a little result :

  • Thank you very much for sharing! I like the approach to include some switches. It makes the whole thing more user friendly. It would be great to share you color settings. I am still struggling to get some "real" yellow with the apa102s.

  • thank you,
    the idea was to keep all the kodi fuctions + USB ports and all integrated in a case.

    for the color calibration i had the biggest problem with yellow-orange clear like sand or flesh they were too red.
    my HDMI-RCA converter on the picture in 1st post is the MUSOU from amazon and when i took screnshots from grabber the image had a really high contrast compared to my TV.

    like this:

    i bought a second adpater on ebay a noname version with the NTSC/PAL switch inverted and it seem to have better colors than the MUSOU, the MUSOU has a problem with 5V hdmi that power ON the device even without power cord, i had to cut 5V pin on the adapter to solve this issue.

    anyway , with all 2 versions i have to set down the saturation gain for me it's the best setting to modify to have good colors with APA102. i also use a blue temperature color to have a cold setup. with MUSOU i was at 0.5 or 0.6 now with generic converter i'm at 0.65 and will try 0.7.

    my setup :

  • Hi joebar65, thank you very much for your config! I just applied it and I am quite satisfied now :) I had the saturation reduced to 50 % before to have a minimum of realism in colors. I will present my showcase in a while, too. I am still struggling a bit with the wires, which I had to connect to every corner - so it is not in a showable situation :)

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