Windows and Linux solution?

  • I have been wanting to set up a hyperion system on my pc monitor setup for a while now, but I have hit a stumbling block about which way to set it up most effectively.

    I run linux as my main OS about 90% of the time. I have 2 monitors coming off of 2 video cards in SLI. The other 10% of the time, almost exclusively to play games, I use windows. Now, I would like to put together a system where I can switch between the two operating systems and transparently have the lighting set up work well off of whatever one I'm on. It seems like the method of using the hdmi splitter -> grabber -> raspberry pi -> leds would be more software independent, but because I use two monitors, would that mean having 2 separate setups splitting off hdmi and processing it for each monitor? At that point, it becomes clunky and expensive. Is it easier for the image processing to happen on the computer somehow and connect to an arduino to control the leds? Is there an elegant solution for this setup that works well?

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