Bad Resolution of HDMI Splitter with HDMI2AV

  • Hello,

    I am experiencing a weird issue with my Ambilight (HDMI splitter -> HDMI2AV converter -> USB grabber -> RasPi3 -> -WS2801 LEDs).
    If the HDMI2AV converter is connected to the HDMI splitter, the resolution of both outputs of the splitter is drastically reduced (but the Ambilight works - also able to set a constant color/effect via app, so grabber and SW should be OK).
    If I connect 2 monitors to the splitter, both outputs are Full HD as expected. But as soon as I change the second output to the HDMI2AV converter, the resolution drops on both outputs.

    So now my question is if anybody has had the same issue.
    I strongly think this is a HW problem, I tend to think the HDMI2AV is the problem (although it shows a picture when connected directly to the AV input of the TV).
    Or is the splitter the problem?

    Do you have any ideas/hints?

    Thanks, Max

  • With one of my HDMI2AV converters it depends on where the hdmi is plugged in on the port. Try swapping the outputs.

    Hope its of help.

    Edit sorry I meant HDMI Splitter Not the Hdmi2av converter. Sorry.
    Edit 2: Spliter usually clones the resolution from one of the ports to the other. and if the Hdmi2av converter. in on the "master" port the slave port will be at the same lower resolution.

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  • Thanks for your answer, but unfortunately that didn't help. As soon as the HDMI2AV connects on output2 of the splitter, the res still drops.

    I use a 4K x 2K UHD splitter - do you have recommendations on Amazon which one to use instead (also regarding HDMI2AV)?

  • Sorry no.
    Highest rez I use is 1080p.
    Search around the forums, I know I've come across a few in the German section if I remember correct, that have some recommendations.

  • Ok if anybody experiences the same issue: I ordered both a 1080p (amazon basics) splitter and an AV converter - The AV converter was the problem.

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