Error during Hyperion installation / no control of LED

  • Hello Community,

    I have some problems with my Ambilight setup.
    Hardware: LED Stripe WS2801, RPi Model 3 b, soldered connections (no plastic connectors), 5V 10A power supply (LED), original power supply for RPi
    Software: Latest OSMC 2020.03-1, latest Hyperion
    Problem: When I want to install Hyperion the installation finished but with errors. Afterwards I can send the Config file over, but I can not control the stripe. The LEDs stay black. If I pull out the ground connection on the RPi all LEDs turn on (white). I have constant 5.3V over the whole LED stripe.

    Maybe somebody has a idea, following you can find my Hyperion Log (a bit redundant as I tried a few things), the config file and some pictures of the connection / RPi set-up:
    [MEDIA=pastebin]4ycs6ScU[/MEDIA] (Hyperion SSH Log)
    [MEDIA=pastebin]vvLQd6R1[/MEDIA] (Hyperion Conf)
    (Picture LED Stripe connection)
    (Picture RPi connection)

  • By manually searching for updates at OSMC I managed to x11-common etc. errors at installation.
    Hyperion is now installed without any errors but the effect remains the same.
    I already tried re soldering the start and even if 5V came until the end now have connected the end with 5V and GND too.
    Also I've tried another OSMC version. It really drives me crazy :D
    Here is the new log (SSH): [MEDIA=pastebin]BHy2TWLY[/MEDIA]

  • Thank you very much. In fact it was not activated but after activating (and restart - still activated in options) it still brings no change unfortunately.

    I even tried it with another RPi now and get the same results.

  • I tried it with three different operating systems (images for the RPi) now.
    Still same result: Only the first 3-5 LEDs are lighting but when I take out the ground cable connection to the RPi all LEDs light up in white.
    I even replaced the first part of the LED stripe and no change.
    Has anybody an idea why this could be?

  • Maybe the led after 3-5 led is defect?

    Hmm as they are lighting up if I take out the ground cable and as I replaced the hole first stripe with a new piece that would suprise me.
    Maybe the data connection is broken somewhere in the second stripe but than the first should light up normally shouldn't it?

  • Shouldnt everything light up?

    Did you make a SPI test?…

    Will try this on sunday, thank you for the answer!
    Yeah hopefully everything will light up at one stage but as all LEDs light up without the ground cable and everywhere on the stripe there is constant 5V I think it's a data problem. Maybe the SPI test helps but as I tried two different RPis as well it would be a bad coincidence (but as said I will test it anyways).

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