RPi3b+with APA102+OSMC

  • For the life of me, I cannot get this working and I'm usually good with these things. I would love to be able to knock this project out because i have multiple on going. So, any help is HIGHLY appreciated.

    My specs:
    RPi3ModelB with OSMC
    APA102 LED
    Avedio links HDMI splitter (powered)
    GANA HDMI to RCA (has a port but not powered in my setup.. also set to PAL)
    Tried an easyday DC60 then ordered Lightberry USB grabber
    I also have a 5v buffer to boost the signal for LEDs
    PHEVOS 5v 60 watt power supply

    Does anyone see any obvious issues here?

    Edit: I might also add, that i checked voltages along the LED and they were reading 5v besides the Data line

  • The OSMC bump in the road that a lot of people hit is forgetting to enable SPI mode.

    This is done under the "Myosmc" menu within OSMC.

    Hope its of help.

    I don't think that's the problem since i can connect with PUTTY. Thanks tho

    Edit: I was wrong, but SPI was enabled.

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