Hyperion.ng, hyperiond uses 100% CPU with Camera Module

  • I want to try and use the camera module for usb grabbing. The module is working and I can grab a photo with it, but hyperion website is unavailable or unresponsive. Hyperiond is taking up all CPU and it will only get responsive again when I unplug the Camera Module or deactivate it through raspi-config.
    This will happen regardless of having usb grabbing activated or not.

    I'm using ws2801 with an Raspi 1b. I used to use it through an USB grabber for years, now I'm trying to get it to work through camera due to an updated Android TV.
    Hier is the debuglog:

  • Ok, the CPU isn't at 100%, but I can't get the cam to work with hyperion. Hyperion-v4l2 --screenshot uses 100% CPU and takes forever and afterwards I have a small black picture. Raspistill and raspivid are working good.

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