config.json / database hyperionNG

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to find the location of config.json or the settings file in the latest hyperion NG alpha 6.
    I'm running rapberry pi OS. Anyone know where i can find this?

    I want to try to edit a setting which i can't choose through the interface


  • Oh I see, I was hoping I could change something in there manually. I've tried editing the export and re importing it but it doesnt seem work

  • I was hoping to manually change the led connector output to dev/spidev1.0 because the web interface doesn’t allow me to choose that option.

    My spi 0.1 and 0.0 are damaged. After much messing around I’ve had to bite the bullet and order a new pi

    • Official Post

    The database is a MySQL one. So you can open and manipulate it with related tools. The config elements are stored in JSON. You should find the dB under the user‘s home directory in „.hyperion/db“.

    We are currently looking creating the selection list dynamically from available devices, but that may take a while...

  • Thanks for the information on this, I think i must have made a mistake on the installation as i didn't seem to have a .hyperion folder in the home folder. I've installed a fresh insallation of raspberry pi os and reinstalled hyperion and I've now got the hyperion.db file but I'm having trouble trying to view and edit the database!
    Could you recommend a tool which would be able to correctly view and edit the database?

    Edit : I've managed to open and find the setting in valentina studio free version but I can't save it... Does anyone know a free tool which could do this?

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