SDR & HDR 1080p/4k capable setup with Hyperion-NG for Media Center

  • @Awawa
    Today a new attempt with fresh Windows 10 Pro Build 19042.572. Last commit from your branch. New DB. Same Bug:


    Compile Log:

  • OK, but didnt upload anything new because I'm run out of free storage credits on Github ;) Ezcap 269 and old analog UTV007 works for me, the same laptop camera, one Logitech camera had some problems with encoding but didn't throw that error. Wonder why the library was load after the MFC throw error.

  • Wow :-D You came too far: that's version is build by github automation so everyone has the same release based on the same sources :) Probably the problem is your system: you can locate that line in sources and analise it yourself.
    Earier I spoke about new version along much more features amongs them is usb-hid support for Windows. Will be available for everyone after test and after github reset my limit.

  • :LOL:

    You perfectly know the developer talk ;) You use it yourself, it's not complaint.
    I'm the only one to develop and test that module so I cant guarantee it will work for everyone, for every configuration and hardware at this stage.
    And to continue developer talk: it's working for me ;)

    PS: installed from official release :)
    PS2: would welcome PR if you could find the problem on your system.

  • You should also update your Windows version:

    Oh, that's the it support not the developer talk anymore ;)
    You're perfectly right but unfortunately it didn't help for my old backup laptop... it's still working, sir:

    And seriously because I cant duplicate the problem in my environment I cant help in your case. You can locate that problematic line: it's simply call to MFCreateDeviceSource function without any magic. Maybe it's related to device drivers and insufficient memory to initialize as the error suggest. Maybe on the Windows forum you will receive some help. And as I said would welcome feedback if you got some clue.

  • Automatically toggling tone-mapping based on if my Denon Receiver outputs HDR or SDR is done! Home-Assistant is great for these kind of automations.Thanks for adding this API feature @Awawa! Makes my life a bit easier :)

    Hey Puck,
    I can see that we have similar setups. Same Avr and both running Homeassistant. Could you share how you configured Homeassistant?

  • Hey Puck,
    I can see that we have similar setups. Same Avr and both running Homeassistant. Could you share how you configured Homeassistant?

    In order to get the signal state I use the following sensor:

    - platform: scrape
    name: denon_signal_hdr
    resource: https://{IP_OF_DENON_AVR}:1234/ajax/general/get_config?type=12
    verify_ssl: false
    select: "Information Video HDMISignalInfo HDR"
    scan_interval: 10

    The following switch toggles the HyperHDR tone mapping:

    The following automation toggles the HyperHDR tone mapping based on the Denon AVR state:

    Sorry that indentation is lost due to copy-paste.

    HyperHDR & HASS on Raspberry Pi 4 | 4K 4:4:4 Grabber 60hz | Wemos D1 Mini - 221 LEDS (WLED UDP) | LG OLED55B6V | Denon AVR-X3700H | Nvidia Shield Pro | PlayStation 4 Pro

  • Great, Thank you!!
    Will try this out later :)

  • Hey there Awawa,
    I just switched from Hyperion to your 12.0.0 release of HyperHDR because I wasn't able to get accurate colors. With your release I instantly got these so thanks! :)

    But I've got two problems which I cannot seem to solve:
    1. With Hyperion whenever I plugged in the power everything would start up automatically within 30 seconds and the Ambilight worked. With HyperHDR I always have to turn the LED device off and on again from the remote control panel.
    2. I just don't know how this is possible but since I've switched to HyperHDR whenever it is turned on my WLAN just falls apart. My TV only gets enough bandwith to play everything in 480p, the smartphones aren't able to load anything properly and the Ambilight also receives a massive delay of 5+ seconds. My PC which is connected by LAN isn't affected at all. I didn't have any of these problems with Hyperion so it can't be a hardware problem I guess?

    Is there anything I could do to fix that? Especially the second problem because it is unusable as it is right now but the colors sucked with normal Hyperion so I don't want to go back.

    Thanks in advance and thanks again for your hard work!
    Best regards

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