SK9822 Flickering after LED 134

  • Hi all,
    Since I installed my SK9822 60 LEDs/m Strip behind my TV, my LED strip after LED 134 started to flicker a lot.


    Some background:
    The LEDs are connected to an Arduino Uno Rev3, without any resistor on the data/clock pins. The whole system is powered by an 5V 10A power supply.
    The installation is made with 4 different LED strips L = 48 x B = 86 x R = 48 x T = 84. Every strip is connected with a "Solderless Strip connector" which I had to solder because of poor connection. And each connector has a power re-injection (Bad choice of using SK9822).
    After the second connector (Which means that the first connector works great), between LED strips bottom and right, the LEDs behaves flickery in white if the change of the colors are too intense. And it became even worse after the third connector. The Top LED strip has a really low brightness and doesn't really change the colors correctly.
    Of course, I could see that the connector is the problem. But I already tried to change it twice, and even changed the LEDs before and after the connector but without any success. The behavior stays the same.
    I also tested the LEDs, connecting them directly before the strip connector, and they worked pretty well.


    Now the question is: Why is the strip connector affecting the LED strips and how can I fix it?

  • i have two recommendations.

    remove that barrel connector, they are not good for high currents >> not enough surface for current so will drop..

    power the ledstrip from BOTH sides >> GND and +5 volts

    now you made 4 independent lines, why is that?

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