Slow LED response & (no) 4k USB Grabber - Rpi3

  • Hi,
    RPi + Hyperion alpha build 7.

    Using these WS2812b LEDs and this USB Grabber, with this 10amp 5v PSU, I experience a laggy/delayed LED update (222 LED’S), not huge but long enough to be distracting and noticeable. Also, i have to downgrade my image source to 1080p to receive any LED output at all.

    1) any ideas how to reduce the delay? How/Would adding in an Arduino help?
    2) any suggestions for the 4k source problem? Having to downgrade the source is inconvenient (and makes the project hard to justify to the “boss” ;) as we have a 4k source & 4k TV)

    thanks in anticipation for any support for this Noob

  • Ok, so just turned on, LED’S first, then everything else & ipad for hyperion web UI & real time example, only to find the LED’s working correctly (still with the delay, but i’ll work on that). Partly solved, somehow...

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