Hyperion on windows - USB Capture settings N/A

  • Hi.
    I'm running latest hyperion.ng (2.0.0-alpha.8) on windows 64-bit. Installed using the .exe from github.
    Platform capture works fine, but not USB capture. I have tested the USB capture card in VLC and it shows up.
    In hyperion web ui, under Capturing Hardware > Instance Capture I can tick the Enable USB Capture box and save.
    But below that, Platform Capture settings appear as normal, but the whole USB Capture settings section is missing.
    I have a test install running on a spare rPi and the USB capture settings appear normally there, but this was installed using the hyperbian image and perhaps I am missing something for the same in windows...
    Have I missed a step to install/enable this section?
    Is this function available in Windows? Or is this an anomaly/bug?

    Appreciate any pointers.
    Many thanks

  • I found, maybe, an answer buried in a thread about librELEC...

    I'm guessing then it's not implemented yet?

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