LEDs strip WS2812B not turning on

  • Hi All,
    I finally got Hyperion to work correctly with the HDMI to USB video capture device and now I can "preview" video from Hyperion UI. The problem I have now is that the lights are not turning on at all.
    I checked the strip and there are 5v running through the strip. The lights are wired using the same PSU for the Pi and the LEDs. The LEDs data line (green wire) is connected directed to GPIO18 on the Pi.
    When I look in the dashboard I never can get the LED Device to turn on. (not sure if it needs to stay on)


    Can someone help me with this, please?
    Thank you


  • *update*
    I got the lights to work by doing this: sudo systemctl enable --now hyperiond@root
    Now the LEDs work and can change color but at a very slow pace.
    I thought the Pi was being overloaded but it looks like it could still do a better job
    Can someone tell me if there is a setting in the Hyperion that could fix this?

  • I was mistaken, the lights were in standby I guess that's what they seemed slow it looks like the capture card keeps on freezing randomly.
    then I have to uncheck the USB Capture setting and save it and enable it again so the lights start working again.
    Any ideas why this may be happening? This is the video capture card I have.

    By the way I had to change this setting so the lights could work, otherwise, I could only see white lights

    Please let me know how can I resolve the capture freezing issue. I'm almost there :)


  • Probably there is an issue with my capture card. I'm having issues capturing the video again and I have the same config.
    It just stopped working :facepalm:
    I forgot to mention that according to the "LED preview window" I needed 18A to power my LEDs correctly so I'm getting a new PSU today.
    This is my log:

    Can someone help me see if there is a problem based on this?
    Thank you


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