Which connection other than WLED?

  • Hey guys,

    I recently found this project because I was looking for a solution to get every source with ambilight coming from my AVR.

    Before this I had Boblight running on Kodi and connected to an Arduino with Adalight.

    I already setup a Raspi 4 with HyperBian running, so that I have the slimmest OS. (Raspi will only be used for Hyperion, nothing else). I already tested the old LEDs WS2811 with the Adalight setup and looked if everything works and it does.

    Now for the new TV I will built a new frame and also will get new LEDs (I read the SK6812 is the best for my setup?).
    What would be the best way to connect and control the LEDs? I don't want to use WLED because I am having problems with ESP modules in my WLAN (there are over 70 other WLANs around me and they often have issues with each other), so that this option is off the table.

    I have a 10A PSU from the old LEDs lying around which I would like to use (if possible). Do I have more options if I keep the Adalight Arduino regarding how fast the Ambilight switches etc pp or doens't it matter at all?

    Thanks for the help

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