Ambilight/Hyperion Setup with Synology NAS?

  • Dear community,
    I have googled a lot, but could not find a concrete statement.

    At home I have a Synology NAS DS 718+ with the nice feature of virtual machines and docker.
    I would like to set up my Ambilight setup with it, if that is even possible?
    The NAS runs the PLEX server and now also the Home Assistant (in the docker).

    My questions:
    - Does the NAS only run the management and LED control via Hyperion?
    - Integration via a WLED board and Wifi to the home network and Hyperion?
    - HDMI signal via splitter and video grabber or SCART OUT, via USB to the NAS?

    I don't want to force this variant , but I thought I might be able to use my existing hardware?

  • not sure if this can work out.
    Hyperion can run on

    • Debian 9 | Ubuntu 16.04 or higher

    Quite sure there are containers in the hub
    Guess it depends on how the Synology OS is forwarding USB devices to the vm/container?

    So the Synology is connected directly to the TV and you are doing the playback natively from the NAS?

  • Thanks for your answer.

    The nas is only for hosting. Playback is via a Fire TV Stick connected to an AVR.

    Maybe I'll give it a try. Will have a look what os can be virtualized.

    What is currently the best hardware to go with? Was thinking about a wled board with sk6821 rgbw?
    HDMI splitter and a video grabber.

  • WLED is absolutely great - I bought myself the Wemos D1 Mini (at reichelt or makershop or az-delivery or....) and SK6812 RGBW (NW!! neutral white).
    I came from WS2801 and the new LEDs are are truly much better. Very nice colours and simple calibration.

    In terms of splitter and grabber I might not be from great help.

    I know that these are working and are recommended from @pclin in the forum:…r-verteilung-von-4k-video
    WisFox Videoaufnahmekarte Videograbber Aufnehmen Übertragungen

    This thread could be interesting for you:Übersicht-tests-digitale-grabber.10564/page-5#post-29869

  • I just ordered my setup:

    - FeinTech VSP01222 HDMI 2.0 Splitter (because ARC)
    - AZDelivery NodeMCU Lua Lolin V3 Module ESP8266 ESP-12F WIFI
    - WisFox HDMI Videoaufnahmekarte, HD 1080P Video Capture Card auf USB 2.0
    - SK6812 RGBW DC5V RGBNW Black PCB / 5M 30LEDs/M / IP30 Non-waterproof

    Hyperion (sn1p4h/ is already running and accessable in my Docker container. :)

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