Need help figuring out what hardware I can use

  • Well first of all I love the software. I have been going to do the TV backlight for years, but being that my AV equipment is in another room and getting new cabling through the walls and ceiling for everything is kinda daunting. This plus being very busy...well it didn't get done.
    So now that I see you can use WLED I'm thinking I could get this done now!
    So my setup is I have a Denon AV Receiver with 2 HDMI out and I planned to use the 2nd output to go into a HDMI to composite converter box and then into an easycap device which will then plug into a chromebox running libreelec via USB.

    So I got hyperion ng installed on the chromebox running libreelec thanks to this forum. I can get to the webpage and do the config. I have a WLED with a test led ring and it reacts to what is played.
    Problem is that it doesn't seem to see my USB grabber.
    Even though I have platform capture unchecked and Enable USB capture checked all I get is what is actually playing on the libreelec box.
    So I SSH'd into the libreelec box and ran lsusb and got this: Bus 001 Device 004: ID 1c88:1001 Somagic, Inc.
    It was advertised as the UTV007, but obviously wasn't.
    I'm new to all this and just picking pieces of code from the forum here, but ran this:

    LibreELEC:~ # v4l2-ctl --list-devices
    Failed to open /dev/video0: No such file or directory

    I'm assuming this just isn't compatible. I tried the same on a PI3B+ and got

    Cannot open device /dev/video0, exiting.

    Any thoughts of some compatible hardware I could get to go between my Denon and chromebox?


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