forwarder not working alpha 8 & 9

  • It might be that I do not know how to use it, or that it does not work. The amount of information about how to use it is sparse and I might be missing something. I have testes this on Alpha 8 & 9 versions.
    What I have is:

    Server RPi4 with Hyperion NG Alpha 9 ( that is driving the LEDs with following config:

    • JSON Server on port 19444
    • Flatbuffers Server on port 19400, timeout 60s
    • Protocol Buffers Server on port 19445, timeout 60s
    • Forwarder is disabled

    Grabber RPi3 with Hyperion NG Alpha 9 ( that is capturing an image from RPI camera that I want to forward to server with the following config:

    • Flatbuffers Server is disabled
    • Protocol Buffers Server is disabled
    • Protocol Buffers Server is disabled

    • Forwarder

      • JSON clients
      • Flatbuffer clients

    In the logs there is nothing that would suggest that the grabber instance connected to the server.
    On the grabber there is a note that the service is starting:

    but there is nothing on the server side to suggest that the connection came thru.
    The netstat on the grabber shows this: is IP on my desktop from which I access them.

    Any suggestions what I missed or is it a genuine bug?

  • I'm working through a similar issue. I have two pi4 on Alpha9, one for lights around my tv, the other for an led strip i inlayed into a couch drink-rail. Seems if I reboot everything the connection works fine.

    You essentially want the pi with the grabber to have forward enabled and the flatbuffer pointed to the pi you want receiving. Then on the receiving pi you want the flatbuffer checked so it will receive the data. This defaults to a timeout of 5 seconds and it should "soft timeout" but I have noticed that sometimes it does not come back after the signal to the grabber has been turned off and turned back on later.

    It's a bit of an intermittent issue, I'm going to try setting the timeout on the receiving pi to 999999999 (that's like 11 days or something) and see if it keeps it online. If this does not correct the issue, I suspect it's something on the forwarding pi disabling something when it detects no signal.

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