It doesn't work on YouTube and Netflix...

  • It is connected to the hdmi splitter from the set-top box.
    The splitter is connected again by TV and the other by Grabber.
    The problem is that general broadcasting works normally, but the led doesn't work on YouTube and Netflix.

    my device

    raspberry pi 4
    +hdmi splitter (4k,hdcp, hdmi v2.0)
    +hdmi usb grabber

    What's the problem?

  • I am extremely dependent on YouTube because I listen to music through it and download music in particular. I don't know why I faced such a problem at all. Everything is simple for me. I choose a video from YouTube. I go to add the links, convert them to mp3 format and download them to my phone. Everything is clear and with no problems. Please, tell me what I'm doing wrong. I checked my loader; everything is clean, there should be no problems. I really hope for your help. I can't go without music for a long time.

  • I replaced it with a TV box supported by YouTube. The device is used only in the country where I live, so there is a limit to the specific explanation.

    I'm sorry for not being of direct help because it's different from the way I solved it.

    Have you downloaded it with mp3,mp4 and converted it using wav converter?

  • My parents had a similar situation and I also bought them another TV box at the time.

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