Slow reaction of LEDs

  • Hi,

    I am new to this board and I recently got all the stuff together to build my first raspberry pi ambient light setup.

    Here is my setup:
    - Raspberry Pi v3
    - latest HyperBian
    - HDMI splitter
    - direct HDMI to USB (USB 2)
    - APA102

    After some trouble with a previous HDMI Loop through to USB device, I found a more stable setup with the splitter.
    Everything is working, but when I ran some tests I noticed a lag. then I found a youtube disco color cycle that makes the issue pretty obvious --> see attached. (1).gif

    I have not touched any of the capturing settings yet. Any idea what I can do here ?


  • you can do a lot there,

    capture settings; make a selection there
    device; /dev/video0
    resolution; 640x480
    frames; 15 frames a sec
    size decimation; between 4 and 12 ( this setting reduces or expands CPU/GPU activity a lot)

    LED hardware settings;

    RGB byte; BGR

    baudrate 15000000/17500000 ( is 150/175 Mhz ) standard is 1000000 is too low
    SPI gpio can go to maximum of 500 Mhz of baudrate speed so you are safe with this settings.

    in config.text you can crank up the ARM/GPU and more

    i have the APA102 myself and for me this is the best settings with smooting enabled.

    smooting settings;

    update frequency; 35hz.
    time 150 ms

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