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  • Hello!

    I've discovered this earlier this year and I ordered some parts to get this up and running, but I'm running into a software issue that I want to try to resolve before I start digging into my hardware issue.

    I am running Raspberry Pi 2 and I am only successfully able to instal Alpha 7. When I do have it installed, I can only get the effects to work.

    When I try to install Alpha 9, it says that the dependencies are missing and for some reason I am unable to get them to install. My skill level is pretty beginner with a professional copy/paster level of knowledge; however, reading the code that I am pasting, I can usually decipher what is happening and what the end goal is.

    I'd love to see if I can get this working - and currently on my pi, not sure if it makes a difference, i'm running pi-hole & pivpn.


  • quite a tall ask imo to run all 3 on the Pi2 esp if routing all your internet traffic through it too.

    You could try flashing libre-elec onto another sd card and install Hyperion via the guide…ziell-unofficially.10463/

    You may not need kodi but it might be a easy method of getting the latest Hyperion installed and running effortlessly.

    Then install Pihole via the libreelec Repository -> additional repository, its not the latest version but is optimised for the o/s, or run the latest version in a container

    Then install PiVpn as another container as docker would already be installed from the pihole install

    It might work and it might not but worth a shot if you have no other options and for the sake of grabbing another sd card and trying it you have nothing to loose or leave the pi2 to handle all your internet and get another device for Hyperion

  • Or simply install the missing package.
    I'm guessing the missing package for your install was "libcec4", because I needed to install that for my Rpi with alpha9 as well.

    sudo apt-get install libcec4

    Will install missing package.

    Hope it's of help.

  • Thank you Akriss! That was my stumbling block! Everything works perfectly now.

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