Programmable LED Supplemental Output Interface

  • It would be nice to have a programmable interface to push the LED state.

    For example, I'm installing LEDs in the room using an ESPixelStick. it would be nice to have them sync with Hyperion.

    I'd like the main LEDs behind my TV to operate simultaneously with others.

    My ideal setup would be to have 2 strips going up the corners of the wall. the right strip take the right output on my TV and the left take the left. This configuration should work well with movies and visualizers.

    This could be something that allows us to write python scripts with access to the left,right,top,bottom, and raw image data.

  • did you try to search??...ESPixelStick is also supported, you can add different instances, where you can set which device and which area to grab...

    Thanks. I saw that it was supported with a brief search, couldn't find any configuration information. I'll do more in depth reading and mark this as solved.

    This is awesome as it should work for my idea.

    Thanks again.

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