One grabber, two devices (APA102 and Hue)

  • Hello, there I have a problem with figuring out how to set up my configuration of two hardware devices on one RPi3(standard hyperbian alpha 9), my setup consists of APA102 and Philips Hue bridge with 2 bulbs. Using USB to HDMI grabber works perfectly on one of the selected instances no issues there but the problem is when I've tried to get them in sync when I turn USB grabber on one of the instances second immediately stops and vice versa. I'm sure that this configuration worked two or three times, but the next day failed to start. Please maybe someone will know what mistake I'm doing?

  • Little update i've played with networking options, and disabled forwarder on one of instances, also disabled boblight server, and for now it's working as expected.
    It would be perfect if somebody could explain to me, what are the specific networking options of

  • Hello,
    I mean the Networking Services section.
    My issue is, that when I enable, APA102 instance for USB Capture: (V4L2:/dev/video0) in the remote section, it will completely remove V4L2 from sources on the Hue instance. End vice versa.

    this is a log fragment from this moment.
    Any of the instances alone works perfectly, sometimes they turn on together but I don't know why, I think that I've misunderstood the Network Services configuration.

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