Hyperion - Rpi 4 Ambilight - Plug and Play

  • Hi guys,

    Well, after a few weeks researching this forum and grabbing some ideas for a project, i've come to build a "plug and play" setup for my TV. This is not yet finished, but it's already working and I'll show it.

    So, I wanted a plug and play setup, without much wires and connections. This way, I just have to connect HDMI and 1 Power cable. I'm just missing a power switch for the PSU. The Pi will use the case button for shutdown. I might install a switch, just for cutting power to the LEDs.

    List of material:
    ITX Case: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000672673547.html
    LEDs 60/m : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32336809966.html
    PSU 5V 100W 18A: https://wittko.eu/table-pos-se…eile-geschlossen-100-watt
    USB Grabber With loop: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001699389687.html
    Rpi4 4GB

    ITX Case, It's probably the smallest form ITX case I found. For the price tag it was great, included power button to shut down the Pi and 2 USB ports, that will be working once connected to the Pi.

    LEDS, tried to find the best price/performance, they are not yet calibrated, but the "default" it's not too bad!

    PSU: This was the smallest 5V PSU I found capable of powering the whole led strip ( Hyperion stated12.3A ) the Pi and the Grabber.

    USB Grabber: Works great. The loop allows me to not to have a splitter and since I already have a switch (AV system) it's perfect. Worked out of the box with Hyperion.

    Here's some pictures.

    I'll post later a video of the setup working and will update once I make the last changes.

    Thank you.

  • Hello, I really like your set up and I was trying to create something similar. A few questions regarding your set up thought. do you have a schematic or diagram of your power lay out or how you connected everything? I see there is a usb adapter direct to the PSU to the Pi4 i believe? and then the grabber is powered by the pi4 separately? And then is there a second connection to directly power your led strip?

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