Color accuracy and screen capture

  • Hello!

    I have installed Hyperion on my RasPi 4, WLED on a Wemos D1 Mini and connected a s2812b (30led/m) strip to it. Everything works fine with screen capture on.

    There are some issues I'd like your help with:
    1.) The color white has a kind of bluish tone (see picture) I just can't get rid of. I have tried different settings (gamma etc.) but couldn't find a way to have a proper (warmer) white. How can I configure Hyperion to have a warmer standard white? I understand the strip is rgb and thus white is a combination of all three colors combined. I acutally get good results in WLED config when choosing a warmer white. You can also see the difference with Philipps hue.
    2.) When the screen is grey / dark or a big part of it is, the light is too bright. See WLED config picture for example, same in video games...
    3.) Colors in video games are very pale in comparison to videos on youtube. Is it possible to get an effect like with hue?

    Thanks in advance!

    I am considering changing the strip to a sk6812 with 166led/m in order to have a greater effect. The idea is to combine hue and Hyperion (which already works) to get even more effect or to switch to a standalone Hyperion config. If the color accuracy and depth can't be changed it would be mean that I would keep the hue system.

    Have a nice sunday!

  • i don't know this type of ledstrip but every type has his/hers own characteristics in colours/hue/gamma/busspeed/brigtness and so on.


    so its possible the ledstrip isn't capable of displaying that soft colours, or not i don't know that.
    I do know that when i shifted towards the APA102 with same hardware/software the colours are much more vibrant and actual instead of my Ws2801 which had more hard colours like RGB but in soft colours they suck. :LOL::LOL:

    white and lightblue where blue on ws2801 ( if you search on it then you'll find out, which i didn't)
    with same setup on APA102 all whites/pinks/Lblue/purple are really accurate.

  • Hey Jeroen,

    thank you for the swift answer. I haven't soldered the capacitor and resistor to the circuit yet, but will do shortly.
    As for the APA102 vs. w2812b: I am quite sure they are both smd 5050 which should result in an equivalent color output or does the color library (in my case it's fastled I think) also have an effect on the colors?
    I found a configuration for white which is less bluish: rgb(255,160,120). It works for me now when the screen is white.

    The actual trouble I still have is still the screen capture on and playing video games. The rendering of grey ( is always a bluish white. Since there is a lot of grey in games the colors a often completely off... (see Doom eternal picutres).

    I would like to be able to config the output in order to change that, is that even possible?

  • IDK man but white is white, anytime it needs white it should give out the default rgb value its then up to the strip to go as white as it can go and unfortunately i think that's a big factor when choosing the strip, as some specificity say warm or cool white, If it was any other colour you could tweak it by adjusting the rgb value to a desired shade in-between but the ws2812 have a blueish white, your wall finish might also play a part in making it appear more blue.

    Im curious to what the resistor and capacitor will do for you as i don't have it in mine :thumbsup:

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