Color calibration on non-white wall

  • Hi,

    Is there a way to set the output colors to counteract the color of the back wall? Mine is painted petrol (RGB (0,112,103)) and especially yellow appears green.

    I played with the gammas, managed to get some decent results but then everything that should be white appeared bright red

    Furthermore, setting values to white, rgb and cmy don't seem to do much. I even tried setting white to the opposite of petrol (RGB (225,143,152)) but nothing happened

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • how should I tinker the values of the colors?

    go from a basic point of view, the best results ( most accurate colours you can achieve) with a couple of pointers.

    1. First find your LED setting RGB/BGR/GBR etc etc to suit your ledstrip.
    2. make sure the capture video is > at highest setting ( lower count decimation) and highest resolution 16/9 like 1080p
    3. Make sure also that your TV and your captured image from the source are as much alike, so turn off enhancements in your image settings of tv!
    4. Make sure the captured image before go to your PI is as high as possible, use a good quality splitter
    5. use a good quallity PSU, the better the PSU the nicer the colours will be
    6. find a youtube video with Ambilight >> LINK pause it at the colour you want to set
    7. Go to remote section of Hyperion.NG, here you can 'tinker" the settings and see immediatelly results
    8. basic setting is Gamma over 2.0 for every RGB colour ( between 2.0 and 2.4) something like that, is diffrent for each ledcontroller
    9. RGB colours leave them basic yellow/white/red/blue/green etc etc don't touch that ( yet)

    now try with the RGB Gamma and paused video to achieve the colours, it has to be really simple now

    reminder; every time you change this an other colour can go off.

    its almost impossible to have all the ledcolours exactly matched with your TV.

    If you can't get the right results with only Gamma RGB settings then try to set each colour individually, but its not my way to do this.

    note; step 3/4 is really important because the captured image into Hyperion.NG translates the correct colours for the leds... if those in beginning don't match with your tv its hard to set them right in Hyperion.NG..

    note2; take your time for this, it can take hours or even days.

    goodluck! :thumbup:

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