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  • I'm using ambivision, not hyperion, so I'm afraid I can't do that :( but thanks anyways. I can manipulate colors curves though. It's red/orange in the video preview though and the only way to fix those browns is by increasing the camera gain, which then screws the high tones which become way to whitened. I'd rather give up on the browns. I have configured my system in a way that there's no color wash when there's radical change in brightness, I don't like that either, but I believe that a static camera gain range is affecting the camera's perception of some colors. Still 90% of the times it's spot on, 9% is really acurate and there's this 1% which sucks.

    I believe it's a problem of amvision's camera + my qled. If you have any idea to fix that I'd appreciate it.

  • Obaldius

    with all do respect, why are you asking this on a platform that doesn't support your system?

    if i want to have a good advice about a volkswagen engine then i am not asking the volvo dealer about that.

    i think you have more luck asking at Ambivision forums?

    btw i noticed that every ledstrip has his/her own characteristics, browns can be hard > i tested with WS2801 and APA102's and they really are diffrent in colours with same Hyperion settings. When one lestrip fails in delivering the colours then the other works splendid and vice versa.

    Also has to do with good connections/no resistance/good powersupply and on and on.

    i am at the same level as you achieved and i leave it like this, took me 2 weeks to accomplish to alter.

    for me thats enough because i know nothing can be gained anymore because when one colour is gaining the others is failing. ..

  • You are the question and the answer.

    Ambivision support is pretty much non existent. Ambivision forum? the only thing I found is reddit and its last post was from 1 year ago at the time I looked there. Been reading there and people are even more lost than me, getting way more innacurate resuts as far as I've read and seen over youtube.

    Came here trying to resolve my doubts, I wanted to learn whether I had achieved the best possible results or if still there was some room to improve. And tbh, you have helped me quite a bit with your last post and the prior ones. Long story short, this is the best it can do and I should bother no more. I haven't found this answer anywhere else. Besides that, there are rules that apply to every system given the camera setup, for example, increase red and green gamma, decrease saturation, increase exposure, etc, etc.

    Sorry if I bothered anyone by doing this. Not only I wanted to know if the limitations of the camera setup were universal but also I wanted to know how hyperion worked with a camera and how it compared to ambivision since I'll probably move to that setup as soon as my current one dies.

    I'll keep asking the guys about their results if you don't mind.

    Again, sorry and thanks for your help, it's really been helpful for my peace of mind.

  • i am only putting it out there man, but what i said; nobody here ( or they are skimming the truth :P) is having 100% results with a ledstrip and Hyperion.NG

    It has to do with all kinds of factors, and you are taking even more factors in the equation with camera settings; saturation/gain/BLC/white compensations/exposure times/framerates/gamma/distances/angles and so on and on........ , yes i know a lot about camera's ;)

    and to make that even worse it's not even Hyperion.NG software you are working with which we know nothing about :thumbup:

  • I tried setting the exposure to manual using guvcview but I noticed that the value for absolute exposure keeps increasing although I had everything set to manual. (White balance and exposure) does it also occurs to you?

    finaly i let automatic exposure, if i have time i will retry manual (did you change the exposure_auto_priority too?)

    how would you guys rate the color accuracy of your settings by now? if via hdmi is, let's say, a 10, via camera it is a?

    First i will note give 10 to hdmi grabber, color accuracy depend on grabber model, HDR / SDR transition are not well done.. with low cost grabber / spliter you can have micro short cuts too..

    About color accuracy il would give a 7~8 on webcam, you have to considere ambiant light .

    About quality of life i'm happier with the camera solution : no micro short cuts, or lots oh hdmi wire between grabber/spliiter . power supplys (i have a pi zero, one usb port ...).

    The camera solution is not perfect but do the job

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