New Hyperion project - diy hue sync for ceiling lights

  • Hi!

    I am planning to start a project similar to this linked youtube video. I require some help in understanding whether RGB ceiling lights (I am thinking of RGBW GU10 Bulbs from Zemismart or Shelly for these) can somehow display a signal sent by hyperion.

    Till now I have a couple of WS2812b LED strips running WLED without any issue, however I have so far failed to make GU10 bulbs work. Did anyone here manage to have a setup that incorporates gu10 bulbs? And if yes, what type of integration should I be looking at? Is it better to have an E1.31 firmware on it?

    Thank you!

  • Hello, friend. Any advancements on this? I'm also looking for a solution.

    You mentioned you have "a couple" of strips running WLED. Are they connected to the same Hyperion and output the same content? On what hardware are you running it? I want to run a strip behind the TV and another strip around the walls of the living room.

    Similar to this picture:

    Plus some GU-10s over the couch.

    Looks like we are both stuck at making the GU-10s work, but you seem to have solved the "multiple strips" doubts I had. Do you mind sharing your setup?

    Thanks a lot! Cheers

  • Hi!

    You can make use of different instances in hyperion. Go to Configuration > General > LED Hardware Instance Management. You can set up multiple instances in that box, after which point a new icon should appear in your menu bar to allow you to switch between the different instances you have configured.

  • I am trying to use the Yeelight RGB W1 GU10 Bulb's (yeelink.light.colorc) without success. Hyperion cannot automatically detect them through the wizzard, it can see the lights when I manually enter the IP address. The "Identify" option works as well but the Led Output is disable as soon as I try to manually give them a random effect or use them for the output of my screengrabber.

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