Hyperion setup using NodeMCU and an old Android phone only.

  • I have been following this project for a long time and always wanted to implement it. I only had a laptop at that time and the TV setup we had didn't allow for easy setup. Fast forward to present, I now have a 32" monitor setup separately in my room which I did keeping this project in mind.

    Now coming onto the hardware that I used. Never having an on hands experience with raspberry pi I started looking for alternatives to temporarily test the system. The LEDs are directly controlled by NodeMCU allowing me to set my Hperion server anywhere in the house without the need to directly connect them together using wires. The NodeMCU was flashed with WLED binary and this part of the setup was very easy. Just follow the steps mentioned in the WLED documentation.

    Coming onto the server hardware, my first option for test was my windows laptop. I was determined to use a raspberry pi once I was comfortable with the setup. Due to my stupidity, I wasn't ale to get the windows server running. My other option was to get a Linux machine. I have few phones lying that are completely of no use. I start googling stuff and find ways to install Linux on the phone. I find this app 'AndroNix', along with 'Termux'. Andronix provides with the commands to use in Termux which allows you to run full Linux on your android phone. So, I followed the steps and installed Debian on my old Motorola moto e2 (3G) phone. It is a laggy phone whose touch is very unresponsive. A perfect device for use where touch interaction is not required.

    So I installed Debian and Hyperion and got things running, and to be honest it was way better than expected. However, the problem I faced in the beginning was auto close of Termux in background after a long time of sleep. I would restart the Debian server every evening and by the next morning it would auto shutdown. Doing some work on it, the best way to fix it was to root and completely empty the OS. So I installed AOSP custom rom with no additional apps rather than the required ones. This fixed it to some extend, but not completely. Now my server stayed up for at max 2-3 days only, then again it gets killed. Even after giving wakelock access to Termux and trying to pin the app, it still got killed. Then after few more googles and tries I found a final solution.

    Finally coming onto the ending. I was using Vysor application on windows to remotely view and interact with my moto e2 phone, and to prevent the app killing I kept my screen on forever using the caffeine option in lineage OS. Now my screen was on all day. Using Vysor keep screen off option, now my phone was kept turned on and screen active forever but physically the screen was turned off by Vysor. Now the server has been running for over a month with no problems. The latency is almost negotiable that I have now abandoned the plan to switch to raspberry pi and been using this setup.

    I'm using 60 LEDs which I equally spaced and soldered on an angles cardboard which then is fixed on the wall. There is a hole made in the wall behind my monitor to thread all the wires to the bottom to my unit where I hid my phone and led power supply behind my Xbox One S. The phone is kept plugged in 24x7 hrs. It is not the best way to setup but definitely a better use of old phones. I also recently created an android app to easily control the sources and set color or effects. I'm also planning to make an app for my other old phone whose camera will capture the screen and allow me to use the LEDs with any video source.

    You can get my app and its source code from: Hyperion Control

    It is still under progress.

    You can check out my Instagram post of the initial setup and the latency using the kodi addon here: Hyperion setup

    I later evenly spaced the LEDs which don't produce bright spots on the center of each side

    It is a very long post with maybe not clear idea about my setup, you can ask and I'll clear off your doubts.

  • The app can be found on the link I've added in the end and the I had uploaded demo on my instagram, even that link is ther ein the end. I haven't clicked an images or the recent work, the instagram post is all that I have.

  • Hi man, im trying to do it with my s8 i installed debian and hyperion on it but i cant see any Capture Devices available.. did you have any problem with it?

    i cant enable Screen capture as input source.

    Do you have any input?

    (i installed arch version 2 alpha 10

  • I guess cannot get screen capture running natively on linux over android. Use the screen grabber on android but it will record whats being displayed on the android screen and not what the vnc is displaying. I use mine with an xbox so I have it connected using the kodi addon for movies.

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