Issues with SK6812 RGBW

  • Ok, die Konfiguration in Hyperion stimmt mit deiner LED-Anordnung überein, nehme ich mal an.

    Ich würde die Verbindungen nochmal in Ruhe neu verlöten, sorry, aber die sehen echt mies aus...

    Zuerst alle blanken Stellen ordentlich verzinnen bis so eine kleine Zinnkugel drauf ist. Dann nur auf die jeweiligen Stellen halten und mit dem Lötkolben kurz drauf, so geht's am einfachsten ;).

    Nimm für die Datenleitung vom RPi zu den LEDs ein abgeschirmtes Kabel. Vlt hast du ja ein altes Cinch-Kabel irgendwo herumliegen, eines mit einem Innenleiter und Abschirmung reicht. Das Kabel dann so kurz wie möglich halten, so bis 15cm sollte es auch ohne Level-Shifter funktionieren.

    Grüße aus Österreich / Greetings from Austria !

    - Don't wanna miss it anymore !

  • Ja ich weiß die sehen echt mieß aus :D aber mich wundert‘s halt dass es ja vor dem SD Karten reset funktioniert hat... und seitdem hab ich nichts an meiner Verkabelung geändert... also muss es ja eigentlich was Software seitiges sein oder? Die Lötstellen sehen zwar mieß aus aber ich hab sie alle mit einem Messgerät überprüft und die funktionieren auch gut... das mit dem Abgeschirmten Kabel werd ich morgen mal versuchen... Danke dir :)

  • Vlt auch mal mit ner anderen SD-Karte probieren, hatte auch schon mehrere defekte. Die sind auch nicht wirklich für solche Anwendungen dauerhaft geeignet, deshalb habe ich alle Raspis auf USB Boot umgestellt. Auch nicht 100%ig sicher, bis jetzt aber keine Ausfälle.

    Aber dann die SD-Karte gut wegsperren nicht vergessen...:D:thumbup:

    Grüße aus Österreich / Greetings from Austria !

    - Don't wanna miss it anymore !

  • Okay... also ich hab jetzt noch etwas rumprobiert (auch mit dem eingepackten Kabel) und es funtkioniert immer noch nicht. wenn ich auf den Steuerkanal der LEDs von Hand eine Spannung anlege funktionieren alle (also an den Lötstellen kann´s nicht liegen. Das muss irgendwas mit dem Rasperry zu tun haben.

  • Hello 1st time user of Hyperion, and I found this thread as I too have used SK6812 strip and was having issues, thanks to the contributors I have got it up and running fine.

    .... however the reason for using SK6812 was for the WAF (wife acceptance factor) and she said yes as long as she could use the strip as a "warm white" mood light like the others in the room.

    I run Home Assistant and have the integration, but am at a loss how I can (or she can more importantly) just turn on the warm white part of the LED.

    Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

  • you have to option ON (V) at section Hyperion > ledcontroller> settings, RGBW protocol for this ledstrip

    ( that's if you have the RGBW type one)

  • Witch SK6812?

    RGB or RGBW?

    WW, NW or CW?

    gruß pclin

  • As a newbie i am dont know what you mean?

    normally in the hyperion webinterface you can select this setting and toggle ON/OFF.

    i don't know if that setting is also available in the Hyperion app

    (under the subtract minimum)

  • RGBW WW (WarmWhite)

    RGBW NW (NatureWhite)

    RGBW CW (CoolWhite)

    regards pclin

  • Hey guys! Ultra newbie here with Hyperion and LED strips. I got the SK6812 RGBW and I'm having similar issues than the described here.
    At some point I was able to make it respond using SPI , but when I connected the capture card I had some issue with the SPI (was disabled and I couldn't start it) so I reinstalled everything and I got it connected but having the original issue, only having white leds turned on.
    I've set:


    console=serial0,115200 console=tty1 root=PARTUUID=27305f52-02 rootfstype=ext4 elevator=deadline rootwait spidev.bufsiz=1024000

    So far, the only thing I've been able to get is the white LEDs flickering every second.
    I've tried PWM as well on GPIO 18, with RGBW protocol on, no luck either

    Any idea what else can I try?

  • jasueh I used the following,

    recommended settings sk9812 RGBW ledstrip;

    • running SPI led controller, device 0 SPI 0
    • GPIO 10
    • baud rate quite high 5900000
    • no levelsifter needed
    • white algorythm, white color is OFF

    but I am having issues with flickering, If I use Home assistant, the effects are perfect. Just waiting on a normal 2812 rgb strip to give that a go, Then I will use the 6812 as another project for H.A.

    I. will also be adding an analogue warm white strip to the rear of the TV as well as the 2812 for the wife too.

  • Hello all,

    Another newbi with hyperion, and i also ordered 6812 thinking it would be easy to setup..

    I've tried almost all combination mentioned in this thread from page 1, but my issue is the LEDs don't even turn on.. when i plug same LED strip to WLED it works but it doesn't turn on through hyperion.

    I'm powering rpi 4 directly from single PSU. The + & - wires are splitted between rpi and led and the data wire with dupont female cable connected to GPIO 18 (for PWM 2812) and GPIO 10 ( for spi6812) neither of the combination powers up the 6812 LED.

    Then I had one 2812b strip from BTF lying around so I plugged that but the LED strip connector (RED/WHITE/GREEN) turn hot and i saw smoke from strip. I immediately disconnected 2812b strip. I'm still able to access rpi hyperion webui but 6812 strip still doesn't turn on.

    Any idea what could be wrong?

    Thanks in advance

    Edited 2 times, last by zeeshany: So I think the issue with my setup was, I didn't put a ground on GPIO 6. Now 6812 strip works good with below settings running SPI led controller, device 0 SPI 0 GPIO 10 baud rate quite high 5900000 no levelsifter needed white algorythm, white color is OFF ().

  • try GPIO 18. How long is your strip? Have you power looped?

    with this strip you don't want to use PWM, doesn't work

    but I am having issues with flickering, If I use Home assistant, the effects are perfect

    probably not a hardware fault but something into your grabber area, and/or power the ledstrip from both sides

    To be sure, check your common ground GND connections and use 2 pIn's op the raspi

    i would recommend to pane out your live feed into hyperion, no black borders visible in live feed.

    also option out or lower the backlight led setting to at least 4

  • Any idea what could be wrong?

    you have a log from this?

    Go to logs ( set as expert level with wand right-top in webpage) and after reboot your PI check debug log and post it here

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