can i light off the leds not used?

  • HI, just finished my ambilight yesterday and all is working good by now. the only thing is that i am using 5m of led strip and i am not using all the leds. i dont want to cut the strip because i plan to buy a 65 inch tv soon, so right now i am using only 192 leds. My question is that if there is any way to light off the rest of leds from 193 led til the end of the strip because they are all the time in white color.

    thanks in advance

  • the leds that are not programmed in Hyperion.NG waiting for a signal, thats why they are white.

    thats the basic "colour"

    if you really want to have the leds of from 193 pixels then i would say yes there's a way without cutting.

    remove led 194 and see if that works, depends on the schematics how the strip is build.

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    Lord-Grey is working on a Blacklist LEDs for those cases, but it is not finished yet. if you are familiar with linux you can download it here and try it…/runs/729849053#artifacts

    if not you can use this workaround

  • thanks for the answers but i am a total noob so i dont understand anything about linux, i dont know where to start, but that blacklist led its exactly what i need.

  • Similar to before, I cut the LEDs that I needed, and then I got a nodemcu to run WLED. And this extra light strip with 50 leds I am planning to add at the bottom of the TV stand to sync it with Hyperion. Or you could use it somewhere else

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