New Build: ws2812b LED's Do not light up

  • Hi,

    I've spent the last two nights trying to setup my Hyperion for the first time, troubleshoot my LED's and I'm at a loss what could possibly be wrong.

    What I have:

    • Raspberry Pi 3B+ flashed with HyperBian
    • 5V/10A Power Adapter
    • USB 3.0 HDMI Video Capture Card
    • WS2812B LED Strip 60led/m

    I have wired common grounds between the Pi3 and the LED Strip, and I have the signal wire to GPIO 18 on the Pi as per a lot of Youtube tutorials recently. I can access Hyperion through a web browser and go through the configuration settings, which to my understanding is all correct. I am even able to view the Capture Video feed, but I can not for the life of me get any LED's to light up, even if I go to the "Remote Controller" tab.

    The only conclusion I can come up with is because GPIO 18 only outputs 3.3v whereas I need 5v through the signal wire, but again all Youtube videos recently said it should work nonetheless.

  • hello!

    i have a few tips, check the voltage on the PSU under load should not exceed 5.0 volts or drop under 4.99 volts

    For PWM, GPIO 18 put in config.txt file the following line


    i can see in the log the PWM ledcontroller is running.

    check in remote control section if leddevice is running also, just to be shure

  • Thanks for the help there Lighting-guy77,

    I ended up buying a Pi 3B+ rather than using my Pi 3B, still wasn't working. My problem ended up being a bad LED at the start which in turn caused issues with the rest of the strip, I found this out by using a different segment and soldering new cables to it.

    Now that my lights are syncing, I now have another issue that has arised:

    All preset colour modes look great, however when I have HyperBian set to Capture Card my LED's are dull in colour. When I have bright red on the tv that Capture Card preview in HyperBian sees it as almost a brown colour and therefore the LED's are an off white. This happens when every colour is set, I cannot get any bright vibrant colours when I have it set to Capture Card.

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