Power-on sequence race condition?

  • Hey Everyone,

    I've got the system up and running, but it seems like it works only if I power things on in a certain order. Here's my setup:

    Pi Zero

    ZumYu HDMI Video Capture Card 4K

    WS2812B LED strip

    Many times the capture card does not appear to be detected by Hyperion. If I power things off and on, it will eventually catch on and work just fine.

    Is this actually a power-on sequence problem? If I unplug and reconnect the USB capture card while the Pi is powered on, should the Pi detect that the card is gone and now returned for normal use by Hyperion? Is there a "rescan USB for capture devices" function in Hyperion that I can manually hit to force-discover the card? What else could be the issue?

    Thanks again for your help!!


  • Hi, i didn't tried the solution mentionned above because i switched from a disconneting grabber to webcam as input device.

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