Light output not updating!

  • Hey all!

    I recently upgraded from old hyperion to and am running into some issues.


    1. Solid color changes via the server does not update the light UNTIL either the LEDs are turned off and back on, or if blackbar detection is toggled on/off.

    2. USB changes the light to various colors of beige/yellow and doesn't change with the input.

    I'm thinking the issues are related.


    I'm using a RPi 2 to control everything. The input is via USB (from an HDMI splitter and HDMI to VGA downstream).

    Lights are WS2801 output on the same RPi2 as is the server.

    Details / Rebuttals:

    The USB capture is working - I can see a livestream of the video via the server.

    The gamma correction is set to 1.

    Config is attached.


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