135 inch screen (SK6812 or WS2812B)

  • Hi all,

    Some information for you about my setup/idea:

    I have a 135 inch projector screen mounted directly against a wall with no gaps between the frame and the wall, it's all flush.

    I don't know much about leds but I have done some homework this week, and I feel like the only 2 options for me are either SK6812 (because of dedicated white) or WS2812B (because maybe for ambilight/bias a dedicated white is not really needed ?? *question for the experienced under you* )

    Most important properties for me are "individual IC per led" and "dedicated white" (if this is important for ambilight/bias)

    My 135 inch frame is 310cm wide and 180cm tall.

    The total lenght of the led strip therefor will be 980 cm (aka 10 meters for easy calc).

    60 leds/m would result in powering 600 leds.

    Taking max consumption in mind 600*0.06amps = 36 amps * 5 volt = 180 watts

    Add a raspberry pi and some HMDI splitter stuff, and I'm looking at a PSU with "5v 60A 300W" specs should suffice. I could go one model lower looking at "5v 40A 200W" but that might be cutting it too close ?

    The idea is to solder in power every 2.5 meters, so 4 times in total (in the middle of each strip from the top, bottom, left and right side)

    My questions to you experienced and more knowledgeable people:

    1. does a dedicated white led benefit an ambilight/bias use case. I understand it has better color reproduction, but the colors in this use case will flash by so fast, does it honestly matter ?

    2. are my power calculations and PSU specs correct (I am not an experienced electrician, but I can read spec sheets and do basic math so ...)

    3. would it be a noticeable difference if I mount leds "behind a screen" so that they shine against a wall and reflect that way, or that I mount them on the sides of my frame shining outwards into "nothing" only relecting again the side of the wall abit ? Perhaps use a diffuser when using "side" mounting as opposed "behind" mounting

    4. I'm leaning towards SK6812 (Warm White), does it check all the boxes in terms of compatibility in hyperion ? (libraries ?)

    I appreciate all your feedback and advice.

    Kind regards


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