Washed out Colours - Maybe HDR-Problem?

  • Hy,

    i finally got my Ambilight System Running.

    182 Apa 102 Led´s (HD107s)

    Rasp. Pi3

    Hyperion NG 2.09 Beta

    Digital-USB2.0 Video Grabber 1080p/ 800x600 grabbing

    It all works fine. But in the direct comparion to my Phillips Hue Sync box the Colours are like Washed out. If i run some Pictures with the Ground Colours, the Philips System shows great and strong Colours like Full Red, blue and so on. But the Hyperion Solution looks like washed out or "milky" . Its also not using the ground Colours on the LED chip but seems like to mix with the result of white and desturbing with back light or something like that.

    Any Ideas, what may be the problem? I read about possible HDR-issues..... How may i fix them?



    PS: I am from Germany, so pls don´t mind my bad grammar... ;)

  • Hey Kratos84

    Try upgrading your grabber. I'm running very similar set up but grabber is very high spec: 4K@60fps, 2K@120fps, HDR10 and Dolby Atmos passthrough on HDMI, 1080p@120fps from USB and HDCP 2.2 compatible. It is just under 45 gbp Just check out video of my 100" screen:


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