HDFury Diva Native LED Support Vs Hyperion.ng

  • So I'm basically looking to see how the HDFury Diva Native LED Support compares to Hyperion.ng with WS2801. My set up is currently a RPi 3b+, with a 1080p USB HDMI grabber. There are also hue lights controlled by Hyperion. I have an issue where the whole system struggles with low light images and will display green sometimes instead of turning off. Thinking the diva could be the option.

    These are some the the thing I'm interested in comparing.

    Color accuracy

    Response time

    Brightness response

    Software control

    Anything else you may think it's important

    Thanks in advance!

  • I have a Pi setup with Hyperion and also have the HDFury Diva with their own supplied LED strip. I'm running the Diva with a single LED strip (56 LED's), Denon AVR, Xbox Series X, Sony XH9505 65" wall mounted.

    Do you watch a lot of DV or HDR content? If not then you won't need a Diva just maybe a new grabber or config tweak.

    1. The Diva supports an ambilight solution and the LED kit plugs directly into the unit. Power is provided by a power adapter as part of the kit
    2. Diva will pass LLDV to the TV and successfully downscale to SDR 1080P on a different output so no issues with LLDV content
    3. Colour accuracy is good
    4. Response time is good
    5. Software control is limited to some basic settings
    6. Brightness control is basic with 3 gamma settings
    7. Its expensive for a lighting solution
    8. One LED strip is not as bright as my Pi ones (56 versus 265) and they are expensive and I cannot find the same LED strips for sale anywhere (you can install two strips in parallel but the cost increases). But its more in line with what is on screen. But I like the brightness of the Pi setup as its more effective
    9. I have issues with CEC where sometimes the TV does not power on. If I disable CEC on the Diva it disables the DV/HDR capabilities on the Xbox.
    10. ARC/eARC does not work for me - have to connect an optical cable from TV to AVR for audio from TV sources
    11. Did I mention its expensive just for ambilight?

    If you want the right HDMI solution to give the correct SDR output without breaking LLDV for Hyperion and Pi then the Diva is the only device that can do it consistently - if you don't mind the cost.

    If you want a Diva only system and don't mind the cost then you could get a Diva with 1 or 2 LED strips, but its not a perfect solution (at least for me).

    If you want to keep costs down and have great flexibility and a community to ask for help or to contribute to then Hyperion all the way.

    I am in the process of removing and selling my Diva setup and moving back to my old setup but focusing on using a USB camera. No grabber issues, no splitting issues, no CEC issues, etc.

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