Issue with new setup

  • Hi all

    I'm new trying to use hyperion on for a new setup and I have a issue that I cannot solve.

    I'm using APA102 led Strip and Hyperbian installed on a Rpi3.

    The connections seems to be ok but I could not have the real colors and leds on my ledstrip flashes but they not have to. I not Understant why.

    I'm using a 16A 5V power that power the RPI and the led led strip.

    I thought that the CI and DI lines where too long so I had cut it to be at minimum but the issue is the same.

    As a video say more than words, you could see on this video what happens.

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    Thankt you for help !

  • please find below the logs of my setup:
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.308Z [hyperiond DAEMON] (INFO) CEC handler created
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.347Z [hyperiond EFFECTFILES] (INFO) 39 effects loaded from directory :/effects/
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.360Z [hyperiond EFFECTFILES] (INFO) 22 effect schemas loaded from directory :/effects/schema/
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.364Z [hyperiond EFFECTFILES] (INFO) 0 effects loaded from directory /.hyperion/custom-effects
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.431Z [hyperiond SETTINGSMGR] (DEBUG) (SettingsManager.cpp:109:SettingsManager()) Settings database initialized
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.435Z [hyperiond BLACKBORDER] (DEBUG) (BlackBorderProcessor.cpp:64:handleSettingsUpdate()) Set mode to: default
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.436Z [hyperiond COMPONENTREG] (DEBUG) (ComponentRegister.cpp:36:setNewComponentState()) Blackborder detector: enabled
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.479Z [hyperiond DAEMON] (INFO) set screen capture device to 'dispmanx'
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.480Z [hyperiond DISPMANXGRABBER] (DEBUG) (Grabber.cpp:30:setVideoMode()) Set videomode to 0
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.488Z [hyperiond DISPMANXGRABBER] (INFO) Display opened with resolution: 640x480
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.488Z [hyperiond DISPMANXGRABBER] (DEBUG) (Grabber.cpp:90:setWidthHeight()) Set new width: 80, height: 45 for capture
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.490Z [hyperiond DAEMON] (INFO) DISPMANX frame grabber created
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.493Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (DEBUG) (Grabber.cpp:30:setVideoMode()) Set videomode to 0
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.579Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (INFO) Signal threshold set to: {12, 12, 12}
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.580Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (INFO) CEC detection is now disabled
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.580Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (INFO) Signal detection is now disabled
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.580Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (INFO) Signal detection area set to: 0.250000,0.250000 x 0.750000,0.750000
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.580Z [hyperiond DAEMON] (DEBUG) (hyperiond.cpp:630:handleSettingsUpdate()) V4L2 grabber created
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.581Z [hyperiond JSONSERVER] (DEBUG) (JsonServer.cpp:28:JsonServer()) Created instance
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.582Z [hyperiond JSONSERVER] (INFO) Started on port 19444
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.489Z [hyperiond COMPONENTREG] (DEBUG) (ComponentRegister.cpp:36:setNewComponentState()) Smoothing: enabled
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.491Z [hyperiond SMOOTHING] (DEBUG) (LinearColorSmoothing.cpp:701:selectConfig()) cfg [0]: Type: linear - Time: 200 ms, outputRate 25.000000 Hz, interpolationRate: 25.000000 Hz, timer: 40 ms, Dithering: 0, Decay: 1.000000 -> HalfTime: 100.000000 ms
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.493Z [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (INFO) Start LedDevice 'apa102'.
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.493Z [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (LedDevice.cpp:148:init()) deviceConfig: [{"colorOrder":"bgr","currentLedCount":31,"hardwareLedCount":1,"invert":false,"latchTime":0,"output":"/dev/spidev0.0","rate":1e+07,"rewriteTime":1000,"type":"apa102"}]
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.493Z [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (LedDevice.cpp:407:setLatchTime()) LatchTime updated to 0ms
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.494Z [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (LedDevice.cpp:428:setRewriteTime()) Refresh interval = 1000ms
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.494Z [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (LedDevice.cpp:434:setRewriteTime()) RewriteTime updated to 1000ms
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.494Z [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (ProviderSpi.cpp:45:init()) _baudRate_Hz [10000000], _latchTime_ms [0]
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.494Z [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (ProviderSpi.cpp:46:init()) _spiDataInvert [0], _spiMode [0]
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.506Z [hyperiond SMOOTHING] (DEBUG) (LinearColorSmoothing.cpp:701:selectConfig()) Previous line repeats 1 times
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.506Z [hyperiond FLATBUFCONN] (INFO) Connecting to Hyperion:
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.522Z [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (PriorityMuxer.cpp:161:registerInput()) Register new input 'System/V4L' with priority 240 as inactive
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.522Z [hyperiond COMPONENTREG] (DEBUG) (ComponentRegister.cpp:36:setNewComponentState()) V4L capture device: enabled
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.619Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (INFO) configured v4l device: /dev/video0
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.620Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (DEBUG) (V4L2Grabber.cpp:582:init_device()) Set device input to: Camera 1
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.622Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (DEBUG) (V4L2Grabber.cpp:696:init_device()) Set resolution to width=1920 height=1080
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.625Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (DEBUG) (V4L2Grabber.cpp:713:init_device()) Set framerate to 5 fps
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.626Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (DEBUG) (V4L2Grabber.cpp:735:init_device()) Pixel format=YUYV
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.659Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (INFO) Started
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.660Z [hyperiond V4L2:/dev/video0] (DEBUG) (GrabberWrapper.cpp:48:start()) Grabber start()
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.524Z [hyperiond BOBLIGHT] (DEBUG) (BoblightServer.cpp:28:BoblightServer()) Instance created
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.662Z [hyperiond HYPERION] (INFO) Hyperion instance 'First LED Hardware instance' has been started
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.524Z [hyperiond COMPONENTREG] (DEBUG) (ComponentRegister.cpp:36:setNewComponentState()) LED device: enabled
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.603Z [hyperiond FLATBUFSERVER] (INFO) Started on port 19400
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.604Z [hyperiond PROTOSERVER] (INFO) Started on port 19445
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.607Z [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:33:initServer()) Initialize Webserver
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.609Z [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:33:initServer()) Initialize Webserver
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.779Z [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (PriorityMuxer.cpp:351:setCurrentTime()) Set visible priority to 255
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.779Z [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (Hyperion.cpp:559:handlePriorityChangedLedDevice()) priority[255], previousPriority[255]
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.779Z [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (Hyperion.cpp:562:handlePriorityChangedLedDevice()) No source left -> switch LED-Device off
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.808Z [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:91:handleSettingsUpdate()) Apply Webserver settings
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.810Z [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:109:handleSettingsUpdate()) Set document root to: :/webconfig
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.808Z [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:91:handleSettingsUpdate()) Apply Webserver settings
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.811Z [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:109:handleSettingsUpdate()) Set document root to: :/webconfig
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.812Z [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (INFO) Started on port 8090 name 'Hyperion Webserver'
    2021-06-07T12:21:05.099Z [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (PriorityMuxer.cpp:251:setInputImage()) Priority 240 is now active
    2021-06-07T12:21:05.099Z [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (PriorityMuxer.cpp:351:setCurrentTime()) Set visible priority to 240
    2021-06-07T12:21:05.100Z [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (Hyperion.cpp:559:handlePriorityChangedLedDevice()) priority[240], previousPriority[255]
    2021-06-07T12:21:05.101Z [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (Hyperion.cpp:569:handlePriorityChangedLedDevice()) new source available -> switch LED-Device on
    2021-06-07T12:21:05.402Z [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:175:handleSettingsUpdate()) Setup SSL certificate
    2021-06-07T12:21:05.404Z [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:191:handleSettingsUpdate()) Setup private SSL key
    2021-06-07T12:21:05.404Z [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (INFO) Started on port 8092 name 'Hyperion Webserver'
    2021-06-07T12:21:06.909Z [hyperiond WEBSOCKET] (DEBUG) (WebSocketClient.cpp:30:WebSocketClient()) New connection from ::ffff:
    2021-06-07T12:21:06.910Z [hyperiond WEBSOCKET] (DEBUG) (JsonAPI.cpp:81:handleInstanceSwitch()) Client '::ffff:' switch to Hyperion instance 0
    2021-06-07T12:21:07.290Z [hyperiond WEBSOCKET] (DEBUG) (JsonAPI.cpp:1054:handleLoggingCommand()) log streaming activated for client ::ffff:

    And here the configuration of my setup:

  • baudrate setting is to low, you are running 1Mhz

    • Try setting above 1500000 (1,5 Mhz)
    • Disable smoothing section.
    • Measure the PSU, under load not more than 5 volts!
    • Save ledlayout correctly
    • Check GND connections, everything to/from the Pi has to be grounded on PSU V-
  • Thanks for the answer:

    I have modify the baudrate to 1,5Mhz => no change

    disable smoothing => no change (blinking but not as fast as before)

    The PSU is about 4,70V Good or not ?

    Ok for ground, all is ok


  • 4.70 volts DC output is too low.

    has to be 5 volts under load>>> so with every device attached and running.

    chance is big that ledstrip runs with a correct PSU DC voltage

    first change this to the correct DC level, crank it up or change your PSU to a decent one.

  • No I would like to say I have 4,7V with the led strip attached !

    I have 5,13V without any load !

    that means or

    • PSU can't deliver power (amps) that ledstrip and setup demanding > result is powerdrop in Voltage
    • You used wires that are to thin/gauge, to much resistance > result is powerdrop in Amps
    • Connections are not correctly made from/to the ledstrip and PSU > to much resistance > result is powerdrop in Amps

    with all of these points mentioned the ledstrip can have flickering.

    with only 31 leds programmed in Hyperion.NG ledlayout and the PSU falls down already on that from 5.13 to 4.7 volts under load??

    that gives me not a good feeling with a 16A powerbrick used. ( at least thats what they are advertising)

    Ledstrips need a steady/clean 5Volts DC PSU with no rimple in them ( that means AC is running over DC current)

    if i was you i measure the powerbrick that you shown from Aliexpress because i have a hunch that the PSU can't deliver steady/clean DC

    if you can measure with a multimeter then put it on AC voltage and see if there is a value, maybe rectifier build in is bad quality..

    with every AC value above 2 volts AC there's no chance the ledstrip will light in a good fashion.

    Ledstrips hate AC currents and want to run at a steady 5Volts DC no more/no less

    you have also 12volts types ofcourse but i am only talking about the 5 volt types.

  • and about this,

    you are using a LOOP capturing device or Camera, if i was you i lower down the resolution to 720P maximum and increase the FPS ( frames a second) to at least 15.

    2021-06-07T12:21:04.619Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (INFO) configured v4l device: /dev/video0
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.620Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (DEBUG) (V4L2Grabber.cpp:582:init_device()) Set device input to: Camera 1
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.622Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (DEBUG) (V4L2Grabber.cpp:696:init_device()) Set resolution to width=1920 height=1080
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.625Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (DEBUG) (V4L2Grabber.cpp:713:init_device()) Set framerate to 5 fps
    2021-06-07T12:21:04.626Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (DEBUG) (V4L2Grabber.cpp:735:init_device()) Pixel format=YUYV

    then try with only effects on Hyperion.NG > you can install a app Hyperion free and connect to your software with that and steer the lights with only the colourpallette and/or effects.

    settings is easy, same IP adres as hyperion, port is standard.

  • Hello !

    I don't understand, I have buy this power because much of persons have buy this one.... and that's work.

    I have try with a multimeter if the power delivered AC power, the apparel tell 0,1V of AC composant.

    The solder are ok.

    Of course, i have tryed the simple effet with hyperion free and I have the same issue....

    But I have see on thing that could help.

    When led strip connected I have the red led on the raspberry flickering.... maybe not enough power on the raspberry. Could this explain the issue ? How could i correct this ?

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