Kodi unable to update on HyperBian

  • Hello,

    i've made a fresh install with HyperBian

    then i've install Kodi from command line with : sudo apt-get install kodi

    I can't update add-on inside kodi

    i've updated every-add on with zip install

    when i want to scan library, i have "unable to connect to remote server"....

    i can access with ssh and make updates from command line so it's not a network problem...

    any idea?


  • yes sort of, Hyperbian is a special distro to run its only purpose and that's Hyperion.

    i don't think this OS is made for something else to install because is very lean, only the most usefull recources for Hyperion are there in this OS, the rest they leave out.

    think of a lot of libraries and such.

    if you install Debian Buster lite then you can do this on that OS.

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