Arduino Uno and Hyperion on Win10 + More questions from a noobie

  • I'm new to this whole DIY ambilight thing so I thought that ordering a package that was already configured would suit me. Upon receiving it and seeing there's better sketches out there (like FastLED/Hyperion's adalight sketch/etc) I tried to update my "Dream Color box" which after some exploring, was just a fake Arduino UNO. However that one uses the CH340G chipset and it's just useless now.

    I purchased a real Uno, now I have to do the wiring to the LED strips (WS2812B, 102 LEDs, 60/m) and the 5V power supply from the kit. I found this wiring scheme and I wonder if it will work with Hyperion.NG / Adalight on Windows 10, using the Hyperion Screen Grabber (since it doesn't cause lag on my 144hz monitor).


    What I purchased was something like this

    DIY Ambilight from Aliexpress Kit Package

    The fake arduino just had the 8 pin connected to the DC jack, like this, but it worked somehow:

    Aliexpress Arduino Wiring

    1. Can I re-use the Arduino's DC jack to output the data instead of wiring/jumper cables, that would make some of the process a bit easier since the strip has the plugs already in it, but I'm leaning towards a full adaptation and leave those DC Jacks in the trash.

    2. Should I use a different resistor since there's not many LEDs?

    3. I live in the EU so the plugs are around 220V, I think the PSU is 6A, will this be enough or should I get another power source with more amperes?

    Any help would be appreciated, and I apologize in advance if I sound too confused or out of the loop, I've been trying to learn as much as I can! :) Thank you very much!


    More wiring configurations I have found, not sure which one is the "best":

    Same as above but using 330 Ohms

    Same as above but using a Capacitor + 330 Ohms

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