Help figuring out why the home screen and youtube of Apple tv shows with a purple layer

  • Hi,

    So I have after almost giving up, jumped in again and then in order to get 4K HDR I have to set my HDMI splitter to copy (FeinTech VSP01201 HDMI 2.0)
    So everything works perfectly when I watch a movie or trigger something that will display in 4K HDR. Then colors are great, picture is great and lights are great.

    However in the normal screen I see this :

    I don't have this problem if I set the apple tv to 4K SDR, but I really want the HDR quality.

    EDIT: I see my tv mode is 4k Dolby VIsion, if I try to set it to 4K HDR then it doesn't show any colors

    Anyone know a solution for this?

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