Hyperion with 4K setup

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm about to upgrade my setup to use it with my 4K-Equipment.

    I am using the Pioneer amp VSX-1131 which has 2 HDMI outputs. One is connected directly to the TV the other to a RCA-to-HDMI converter. It works fine with a 1080p setup.

    A USB video grabber is connected to the RPi3 and the RCA of it to the conveter.

    My question is could I replace the USB video grabber and the RCA-to-HDMI converter with a 4K USB capture card like this one:

    Aoboco HDMI Loop Out 4K Videoaufzeichnung Videokonverter Übertragungen

    Or do you suggest another solution?

    I already tried different HDMI splitter/ scaler but it did not work. Due to the two outputs of the amp the splitter/ scaler always caused a downscaling of both ports to 1080p.

    Thank for all feedback.

  • I don't think those types of capture cards are supported. If you look at the base hardware requirements of a Core i5 then it requires a fair amount of processing to work.

    Any content on the HDMI chain that has HDCP protection will cause you to default to the lowest common denominator. Thats what the AVR is doing. You need a splitter that can split a source into two and downscale to SDR one of those outputs without affecting the other 4k output.

    HDFury Diva will do LLDV and HDR. It has its own 1080P SDR output

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/pr…_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 is reported to handle HDR to SDR

    I have a pi 3B+ with Hyperion fed by the HDFury device. 264 LED's and its nice and bright. I have no issues with Dolby Vision or HDR. You can get LED's for the Diva as it has the hardware to control them, but they are expensive and really need two sets to be bright enough. And the Diva itself is really expensive but it works very well.

  • ...I see...

    Thanks for your explanation.

    So, no chance avoiding a splitter and using only the main output of the amp when using 4K...

    I'll play around with some other devices, maybe I come across another solution.

    Luckely I work for a company that produces HDMI equipment and often I get samples to test. I am going to test a 4:4:4 splitter/ scaler with a HDMI EDID plug (simulates an end device).

    You think the HDFury Diva is comparable to this: https://support.manhattanprodu…4k-4x2-hdmi-matrix-207409

  • The Diva gives very granular controls for DV and HDR content with an added bonus of a dedicated SDR output port (plus the ability to strip audio from HDMI feeds). I believe a lot of projector users have one to get around certain issues. Theres a huge thread on AVForums for the product. It is expensive but it is a pro bit of kit.

    If you could buy a 4k DV/HDR capture stick then you wouldn't need a DIva, but there are none on the market. On normal cheaper hardware signals can be split but as soon as you put something on the HDMI chain that is less than 4K DV/HDR then issue can arise.

    The device you have mentioned is a splitter. If you connected a 4k TV on one output and a 1080P TV on the other you would get 1080P on both. If you put identical endpoints on each output then you will get the same. Also that Manhattan device only supports HDMI 1.4. If you are not interested in HDR or DV then you could use a normal splitter but I may be wrong on this - search this forum. Thats just a work-around though and if you have invested in your TV and AVR kit then you don't want to switch features off.

    The Diva has 4 inputs, one output to the TV, one HDMI audio out and one 1080P SDR out. I used the Diva LED's but they were not as bright as the setup above so I'm sticking with this for now. So its an HDMI switch with specific tools built in and specific outputs. Just have a look at the manual to see the scope of this thing.

    If only it were cheaper...

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