Hue gradient support

  • I couldn’t find anything after looking around the forums, but I’m sure this is somewhere.

    Does Hyperion support the hue gradient strip yet?

    I plan on running from PC to TV via hdmi splitter,switcher, capture card and RPi

    * if there are any kind souls that have done this particular install yet and want to give some pointers, you’d be the bees knees.

  • I'm also looking for some info on this. I have a Hue Dynamic Gradient light strip on the back of my TV and two lightbars towards the top on each side on the back point a bit outward towards the sides at an angle.

    I got those before I recently got the Hue HDMI Sync Box and the thing was a complete dud. Unfortunately defective, the thing had no errors, it set up fine, connected to my bridge and WiFi fine, even would "sync" with my devices but unilaterally once syncing started the lights went off. I tried everything the internet had to offer as a solution but same results every time. Good riddance... (though in retrospect I'm glad to have gotten a refund for it and stumbled upon Hyperion).

    My main streaming device is a NVIDIA Shield TV, so the Android Grabber app has been quite nice to use on it to get some wireless display syncing going on. Some of the streaming apps not working due to DRM sucks, but what are ya gonna do. DRMs gonna DRM.

    Anyway, the gradient strip works properly mostly, other than the actual gradient part. It lights up as single colors it matches in it's area and transitions to others, but does not use multiple colors throughout the strip as it does in the Hue app.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to get the simultaneous multi-colored gradient aspect of it to work with Hyperion? Or is that still just a pending feature request?


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