[dual ambilight] Hyperion NG multiple hardware instance for multiple LED loops (WLED)

  • Hi i have a QuinLed DigQuad (ESP32 based running WLED) board that controls 2 different LED strips behind my TV (it can control up to 4 different strips). The 1st type is SK6812 RGBCW LED strip that makes the outer loop, and the 2nd type is SK6812 WWA (Amber, Warm White, Cool) that makes the inner loop or second loop around the TV. The SK6812 WWA basically acts like a WS2812B RGB strip because Amber = red channel ; Warm White = blue channel ; Cold White = green channel.

    There is the same amount of LED for each LED strips on each side because i wanted to make a dual ambilight where i can have a normal colorful ambilight with the SK6812 RGBCW strip or i could have a "CCT" ambilight with the SK6812 WWA strip.

    I specified in WLED the total number of LEDs (is starts with 220 RGBCW LEDs then it has 220 WWA LEDs) and i can control independently these 2 LED strips with the "Segment" functionality, segment 0 is led#1-led#220 for the RGBCW strip and segment 1 is led#221-led#440 for the WWA strip.

    Since at any given time i only use one LED strip as an ambilight while the other is OFF, i would like to make one "RGBCW LED Hardware Instance" that uses WLED led#1-led#220 and one "WWA LED Hardware Instance" that uses WLED led#221-led#440.
    However in Hyperion NG, in LED Hardware when i select WLED in "Controller Type" i can specify the "Hardware LED count" which is 220 but there is no way to tell from which LED number the count starts so if i put N in "Hardware LED count" it will always use the N-th first LEDs configured in WLED.

    Aside from using 2 controllers (one for each LED strip) and then using 2 LED Hardware Instances, is it possible to create 2 LED Hardware Instances that would use each WLED segment ? Or is there any workaround ? :huh:

  • Ok i found the solution. Since in hyperion you can only differentiate 2 WLED instance by their IP Address then the solution comes from a WLED option.

    In WLED Web Interface in Config > Sync Interfaces, set "Realtime LED offset:" to 220 in my case to ignore the 220 first LEDs (RGBCW) and process the 220 next LEDs (WWA) defined in WLED.
    By using that offset option you can use any segment defined in WLED to be controlled by Hyperion and display the ambilight colors.

    However if we suppose that my 2 LED strips were both RGBCW and i wanted to use both (2 loops around my TV) at the same time for ambilight for brighter colors then as far as i know there is no option in Hyperion (configure a double loop in a single hardware instance) nor in WLED (duplicate the signal that controls the first 220 LEDs to the next 220 LEDs) to configure this.

  • Chao-chao

    Changed the title of the thread from “[dual ambilight] Hyperion NG "LED Hardware Instance" for a specific segment from WLED ?” to “[dual ambilight] Hyperion NG multiple hardware instance for multiple LED loops (WLED)”.

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